A week’s worth of rides

Pitifully few rides in fact.

Weds 10th September I rode from home to the hospital via Little Melton. It’s a nice route to the hospital as it’s just shy of 10.5 miles and much prettier than straight down the Norwich Road, taking chances that trucks are going to hang back at the pinch points and not just mow you down. Actually the trucks and buses are fine, it’s the bloody minded w*****rs in their status cars that are the problem. Audi-doody drivers are the worst along there.

Anyway, I digress. Along the Melton Road was brilliant until I bore right towards Little Melton itself and discovered that they were re-surfacing it with that horrendous grit stuff that the council likes to save money with. I went along nice and slowly until I got to where the workmen were on their elevensies. I got past their parked truck quite easily, even though one of them offered to move it if I was having difficulty. Nice chaps. A couple of them were cyclists and were jarred off about the surfacing as they didn’t fancy chipping their paintwork either. I knew just how they felt.

Onwards. Up the hill and out on to the B1108, over the double roundabouts and down that brilliant hill towards Colney. 32mph, there or thereabouts as I got level with The Global Clinic. A private place for well-to-do idiot drivers it seems. I was well ahead of one of their client’s, who was leaving the place. At the last moment he sped up and drove at me. Charming chap in a poo brown Volvo. I headed for the middle of the road, smacked his side window with my left hand,  yelling at the driver, something along the lines of “oh I say my good chap, did you not see a bright blue bike ridden by a woman in a da-glo council orange jacket? Maybe a trip to the opticians might be in order”. Or words to that effect anyway. He backed off and then overtook me saying something about the marital status of my parents. A right charmer. He called me some nice names at the lights when I caught him up too. I was seriously jarred off as I had right of way and hadn’t just popped out of the rift!

By the time I got to the hospital I was shaking like a leaf. Kenn found me some M&Ms but not before turning off my Garmin. Priorities intact in Kenn’s case. Bless him. My left hand was very sore. 2 days off guitar practice because of that idiot. Note to self; do not punch cars with my fretting hand. I’d still average 15mph even though I had gone along the Melton Road at 10mph to avoid stacking the bike on the loose chippings.

Next ride was 2 days later on Friday 12th Sept. I went the direct route down the Norwich Road and had a very near miss with a silly mare who buzzed me at the pinch point. Idiot drivers are like buses. You don’t see one for ages and then 3 come along at once. Silly mare was idiot #2. I was worried about the weekend and meeting number 3.

As it turned out, I didn’t ride over the weekend as my back has been a bit interesting. I also had a ton of homework from Leigh, my guitar teacher. An absolute ton. “Live the guitar” he said. “Be the guitar, sleep the guitar, breathe the guitar” Bloody Hell Leigh! Some of us have jobs you know :-D Actually playing takes my mind off my back.

Today. Home to the hospital again. The Little Melton Route, risking the loose top surface on the Melton Road. The roadmen have finished it now and there is miles of it. Gloom. I crept over it at about 12mph, down to 10 on the corners as it’s a bit slippy out there. Once at the hospital I looped the hospital grounds for 3 miles as I waited for Kenn to emerge from dialysis. 13.5 miles today.

Then this evening, Kenn decided that he wanted to chuck a leg over his bike, for the first time in ages. We just did a short 5.65 mile loop around Park Lane, out to Silfield and back again. It took a wildly long 27 minutes but he said his legs had forgotten how to pedal. Bless.

I’ve got about 13 miles to hit my next target. I also have until Wednesday to do it. My back doesn’t’ hurt when I’m riding. It’s a much better position for my back to be in than standing, sitting, walking or driving. Doc’s in the morning with it. It’s just sciatica but this flare up is driving me to distraction.


1238.94 mi at 13.79 mi/h average so far this year.

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Home to hospital again

Nice ride today, without the palava of Monday. I did plan to ride yesterday but the In-Laws were over and we spent the day walking around Cromer. The afternoon at least as we were working until lunch time. By the time we’d walked for 2 hours and 30 minutes with the in-laws, walked client’s dogs and our own, which was another 2 hours, our legs didn’t feel like going for a ride.

I just rode to the hospital today. Rucksack on again as I still cannot find my little yellow bag to put my plimmies in. Boy is that warm to use. I took it nice and stead, and rode up Ayton Road and through Hart’s Farm estate to the cyclepath as the roadworks in Wymondham are really getting my nerves now. We’ve had roadworks of one sort or another, pretty much constantly since May 2013 and it’s getting tedious now.

Nothing happened on the ride, I listened to my iPod with my Aftershokz on, it took an age to cross at the A47/A11 roundabout as the pedestrian crossings were on a go slow. I saw one other cyclist coming towards me and that was that. It took nearly 35 minutes though, so a very slow time for the 8.45 miles.

I have broken 1200 miles for the year though so pleased with that. Onwards for the next 300 then. The newspapers say that we should be having nice weather and a warm autumn so we shouldn’t be freezing our backsides off until the end of November. That’s good news, cycling wise. I might have another ride this afternoon with Kenn, then again, I might not. Firstly, and most importantly, I need a cup of tea.


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1st September. Home to Hospital route

What a palava it was getting out this morning. I have a little yellow bag. It looks like an old fashioned gym bag, the type that we had at school in the 70s and I cannot find it. It cannot have gone far but it was not being found today. I needed it to pop a pair of trainers in so that I could do the home to hospital route and give a dog a quick walk en route. Plan B to the rescue. I decided that I’d put my MTB shoes on and change the PX pedals to SPDs.

Once I’d found spare pedals and a spanner, it quickly became apparent that my stupid wrist is not strong enough to undo my road pedals. Plan C was put in to action. I’ll take the Spesh but it’s got no pedals on it and my stupid wrist isn’t strong enough to do the pedals up tight. I’m getting bloody fed up with this wrist. Plan D was to take Kenn’s Giant Revel. Once I’d got the Spesh back out, and the lawnmower, and a couple of big plant pots, scared the mahoosive spider away and manhandled the Giant Revel out I discovered that it had a flat rear tyre but it was probably only because it’s not been used for a couple of months. It was then that Kenn said that the track pump was at our Mark’s place and I didn’t fancy using my very funky high pressure pump after a few pumps as it made my wrist hurt. Anyway, when I tried to move Kenn’s seat I couldn’t budge the QR lever as my wrist isn’t strong enough. You may be getting a theme here.

Plan E was required. I went back upstairs and up the ladder to the loft. I’m not fond of the loft as it’s dark and spidery up there. There was no sign of my day rucksack, only Kenn’s huge one which is no good. So I left the dark and spidery loft and had a really really good rootle under the bed. No spiders there. Hey presto, I managed to find my day rucksack under there – I was actually looking for a large musette sort of bag which I knew I had about somewhere but the rucksack would do.

Trainers in bag. I got my road shoes on and the Planet X out and I even got a leg thrown over the bike when it tipped it down with rain. Bike back propped in the hall while I dashed and grabbed the, now damp, washing off the line. Finally I got the door locked and managed to ride down the road.

Boy oh boy, was I pleased to finally hit the open road 50 minutes that little lot took. 50 whole, wasted minutes when I could have taken the pretty route. I got to my client’s house, changed into trainers, walked the dog, changed back into road shoes and was back on the bike. I made super time to the hospital and was 7 seconds slower than my PB but I’m not sure that it would have counted as I stopped in the middle. It was a great ride and I loved, adored even, every second of it. I would have been quite happy to ride back again but I had to put the bike in the car and go and walk another client’s dog and then get back for Sister in Law and her Hubs to visit.

8.21 in 30:42

1192.07 mi at 13.77 mi/h

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Evening loop around Wattlefield & Spooner Row

Today I managed to get Kenn out for a wee ride. We only went 9.05 miles but it was very nice, We rode past a lot of stubble fields – we must have missed most of the actual harvesting due to being fed up and not riding – and we’ve noticed that they are all gridded up ready for the ploughing competition that’s taking place on the 14th September.

No owls today, we often see a pair of barn owls on this route but they were probably out shopping or something. Not sure what owls do on a Saturday night but they were not cruising the fields by Wattlefield. We saw plenty of rabbits though, playing chicken across the roads with the traffic, which was mostly bikes so the ‘traffic’ would probably be suffering damage if contact was made. We did see a lady riding the same bike as me, same colour and everything. Kenn noticed the woman, I noticed the bike.

There was a small hill, we climbed about 139 feet all in all, the ups felt like mountains and the downs a blessed relief. I cannot believe how much fitness I’ve lost over the last couple or three weeks.

9.05 miles in 42:25.

The weather forecast looks good for the next week so I’m hoping to get 50 miles done over the next few days.


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First ride since the 19th August!!!

What can I say? Depression has bitten me in the backside and it’s all I can do to drag my sorry arse out of my pit of a morning. If I could teach the dogs to walk themselves, pick up poo and be relied upon not to start a fight (Poco, I’m talking about YOU), I would. Kenn has been walking in the mornings and I have been doing lunchtime and evening walks. Today and yesterday they got great walks. I was even going to ride yesterday but we had 2 possible exchange flats to view, a website to rewrite and just a load of stuff to do.

Today I was planning on meeting Kenn from dialysis at noon. At 11am I went for my bike and as I reached up to take it off the rack, I was wracked with shoulder pain. An old injury – a broken shoulder blade back in 2002 – decided that today it was going to have a flare up. The pain knocked the wind out of me and I had to have a sit down. I went back upstairs, took painkillers, did the ice gel pack thing and did some works admin instead.

I then decided, at tea time, that Plan B was going to be put into practice. Kenn got my PX down off the rack and I changed again into cycling stuff and got out on my bike. Yup, I could feel that shoulder but once on the hoods it was fine and the searing, stabbing, lightning strike pain seemed to be in abeyance. Painkillers rock. I decided on a short ride tonight.

I rode a little 5 mile route that we use from time to time. I decided to extend it by riding down Silfield Road and then back all the way up Park Lane before then following the 5 mile route. It adds an extra half a mile, that’s all, but it made me feel better. I had a nice ride. Nothing of note happened except for a very close pass by some older chap in a Saab who really wanted to overtake me when there was oncoming traffic. The HUGE 4×4 that was the oncoming traffic was taking no prisoners and just leaned on his horn. The Saab backed off. We have a Saab and I wouldn’t have wanted ours written off by a Series 2 Landy either. He then roared past me leaning on his horn. Poor bloke must have the smallest willy on the planet to be driving like that. Overcompensating or what?

I did contemplate doing another loop, once I was on the way back, but figured that tonight I would come home wanting to ride further, rather than being totally fed up. Also it was getting a bit dusk and I’d forgotten my front lights.

5.61 miles in 23 minutes and change.

1174.81 mi at 13.77 mi/h so far this year. Well on target – above the drag curve for my 1500 miles planned for this year.


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Home to hospital and back again. Clinic day. Yuk!

Today I had a clinic appointment. Every year I have my MOT as I am a living kidney donor so the NHS keep a close eye on the remaining kidney. Quite right too. I thought that I’d been forgotten about but I got my test last year and this year but I had a 2 year gap before getting back to Norwich where the N&N were mortified that the appointments had lapsed and got me in with their renal consultant ASAP.

The ride down was nice. Bloody cold but nice. My hands were cold and I really wished that I had my Planet X zippy top on rather than my long sleeve jersey and a tee shirt. We took 34 minutes to do the 8.27 miles down to the hospital. We chatted as we went and generally had a nice ride. Once there we locked the bikes and I had 45 minutes being pricked with needles for a blood test and having my blood pressure taken. Nice and low, just how we like it. Everything is hunky dory as far as they can tell so it was a case of having a nice natter about life in general and a ‘see you next year’.

The ride home was harder work. Still cold and I didn’t warm up all the way home. Which was 9.13 miles as we came a slightly different way. I was shivering like a (fat) whippet when I got in. PX top straight on and a nice cup of tea. The ride home took a whopping 48 minutes :-o

Still not quite feeling the love of riding but I’m sure that it will come back again. Proper work again tomorrow. Thursday and Friday too. Gloom. My wrist is killing me. I have to stop grooming before I can’t play guitar any more. Guitar playing being a lot more important than working IMO. I have priorities.


Miles this year: 1169.20 mi at 13.76 mi/h  average

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Home to hospital and back again

Having scrapped about like a loony to find my iPod (in the fruit bowl, naturally) I was a bit late leaving but got a good ride down. Met up with Kenn at the door having waited a couple of minutes for him. He came out just as it started raining. Gloom. I’m not sure where the summer has gone. Someone has stolen it and replaced it with cooler temperatures – too cool for a tee shirt but not cool enough for a jumper so I was cool then hot then cool again all the way there.

The ride back was a lot slower as Kenn was having a bad day. We rode a bit, stopped a bit, rode a bit more. I carried his very heavy laptop bag which had his laptop in and a few bricks I think. Whatever else was in there weighed a ton but I don’t really like to ask him. All the stopping and starting really upped the chances of clipless moments, I had a couple of near misses when he just stopped for no apparent reason. Over the last mile, I put my sweat-top back on as I was starting to shiver. Stop-start doesn’t agree with me, it seems.

In the end, it was 17.53 miles in 1:23:28 which is impossibly slow. 12.6mph is MTB territory for us. As I said, Kenn having a bad bad day which was a shame as my legs felt good. Tomorrow, as they say, is another day and I only need 13 miles to hit my very low target this week.

Total this year so far: 1151.73 and guess what? Still no mycyclinglog. I think that it’s gone which is a shame.

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