Evening ride to the harbour

I haven’t ridden for days. I have not been feeling the love of cycling nor have I felt like riding up hills at all and the thought of riding along the trail is just tedious. I got out on Tuesday and rode to the bridge at Padstow and back with Kenn but haven’t been near either of my bikes since.

I have been walking and have had a couple of lovely walks with Toffee the Lurcher but have had a couple of duvet days with a hacking cough and feeling like hell as well. I was planning on riding yesterday but really couldn’t rouse myself and summon the effort required to get on my bike. Even not changing and riding in jeans and just bunging on my SPD shoes didn’t fill me with any enthusiasm. I was reasonably determined to ride today but not making any promises that I couldn’t make myself fulfill. Depression is a bugger.

Today I have been making bracelets from paracord and bits of old bike chain. I’ve been using the spacer ring things from between the chain links. They have turned out quite well. Apparently you can see the cord in the dark, it said so on the packet when I bought it.


I made another one out of bright yellow guy rope, that I found in Norwich when I was there for the weekend. I made it for me to keep as I rather like it.

Bouyed up by learning new things today, I grabbed the opportunity while I was all happy and feeling ‘up’, changed quickly and got out the roadie. I didn’t have much planned, just a ride up the trail to Padstow harbour and back.

The first bit of the trail was interesting. I called out ‘excuse me, passing on the left’ to a chap with a Bichon Frise dog (off lead) who then wandered right in front of me. I had already unclipped so could put my foot down quickly. The chap caught his dog, mentioned that I’d crept up on him silently – I hadn’t whispered – and I carried on riding, only to be chase by the dog. I stopped as it veered in front of my wheel, waited for the man to retrieve his dog and carried on again. The dang thing chased me again then twice more. You would have thought that the owner would have realised his dog was chasing and let me get up the trail a bit before releasing the daft thing.

After that, a lovely clear run to Padstow and on to the harbour. It was a lovely evening and there were lots of people milling about in the town so I went through at about 3mph with one foot unclipped. At the end I turned, was nearly taken out by a massive seagull who decided to fly right in front of my head to alight on an old Fiat Panda. I think I heard the car groan as the gull landed on it, it was a big gull.


I rode slowly back through the town, getting off and walking past the one way bit where I was going in the wrong way.

There was a busker there who called out ‘you need some decent shoes’.
I called back ‘they are decent shoes, just not right good for walking in’. He laughed.

I then got to follow an elderly couple at 2mph through the car-park but I cut around the back a bit as they were doing the same speed on the road. I managed to overtake them by going up the other car-park and they then swung off the road and into that carpark having sped up considerably, missing me by inches and then going 2mph again. Numpties. I overtook them, then they revved past like they were in a hurry – heading towards the edge of the car park and open water, scattering kids on skateboards as they went, then kangeroo’d to a halt about an inch from a bollard. I think that they were going to drive up the Camel Trail. I suspect that they were tourists. Blind as a bat tourists.

I saw loads of other cyclists on the way back home. All on MTBs and all heading in the same direction as me. My shadow overtook them long before I got anywhere near them. Lots of pleasantries were exchanged as I passed them. I considered riding on a little further but decided, as I’d had a week of the lurgy, not to push my luck. 12 miles was plenty for me today.


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Tarka Trail, just for a change

Kenn had an appointment at Launceston today, which is roughly half way between ours and Bideford. We’ve been planning to ride on the Tarka Trail and a hospital appointment seemed as good a reason as any. We checked the weather forecast before deciding, then packing the bikes, as it was raining here, quite hard at one point actually. The weather was given out, by the BBC, as raining until about 10am, then overcast for a couple of hours and then cloudy with sunny spells with a temperature of 18 degrees, for the afternoon. That sounded fine by us so CX bikes loaded up, all the info that Kenn needed for the doc was in the car and we were away.

The hospital appointment only took an hour and then we were back in the car for an hour and into Bideford and found a car park close to the trail. £3 for the whole day parking. We could have paid £2 for 4 hours but, as we didn’t know how long we would be, we didn’t want to take the risk. Coffee, cake, ice-cream etc, cannot be rushed and we didn’t want a ticket for being 5 minutes over due.

While Kenn was putting his bike together – the Whyte doesn’t have QR skewers so takes a fortnight to put the wheels back on – I took a nice pic of a rotting hull on the river bed. Low tide, obviously.


Again, totally forgot to take a camera, even though I put it out to bring so my trusty old phone did the honours again.

We did pop over the bridge to get some money and buy a sarnie, as we were hungry. Not a great way to start a ride so we were underway after a nice chicken salad sandwich each. Kenn had bought 2 packs so he had the 2nd pack in the back pocket of his jersey. We then rode back over the bridge, taking our lives in our hands with close passing BMWs, up the road and across to the start of the trail. Actually, it’s not the start, it’s the middle. We looked at the map and found there was nothing helpful saying ‘Meeth this way’ or ‘Barnstaple that way’. I said that I remembered that the river was on the right, when looking on the map so we turned to the right and started riding.

The first place we came to was Bideford Station, where they do tea and cake on an old railway carriage. We didn’t stop and carried on a bit.


We rode for a mile or two and came across a bridge with nice views of a folly. We stopped and took a couple of pics and Kenn had a breather. He suggested, at this point, that we rode to Torrington and then back to the car. I said that if I’d just wanted to ride 10 miles, that I might have ridden at home and not driven all the way out here. The bridge and folly were nice though.

Riding on again, we came to a tunnel, with lights in it, which was handy as we didn’t have them on our bikes today. I thought that it looked pretty. It was really echo-ey in there. I resisted the urge to yell ‘Allez allez allez’ as we rode though. Such a child. It was only a couple of hundred yards long and we were the only people in it at the time we rode though it. There was a little sign just before it saying ‘please remove your sunglasses’. I wonder how many people don’t and ride in the walls, or another cyclist and cause a crash. Quite a few I shouldn’t wonder.


The next little stop we had was at a viaduct. I can’t remember the name of it, I did take a pic but I managed to obscure most of it with my thumb or finger. That’ll teach me not to pay attention to the camera, I was enjoying the view too much.

Just after the viaduct, we stopped and watched the water going over a weir. No ducks or anything bobbing about today. It’s been our experience that ducks seem to like weirs and will ride down on them. The ones at Dovedale did, very often. Maybe Dovedale ducks are more playful than their Devon cousins.
Soon after this we got to Torrington, sat on the edge of the station platform and ate the other sandwich, while it was still edible. There is a bike hire place here, that serves tea, coffee, buns etc. I bobbed in to the shop area and bought Kenn a Calipo and a Mini Milk for me. We were sitting on a chair, munching away when a child refused to get into the trailer on the hire bike. His or Her Mum was doing her best. Her friends came to help, their children were all in the trailers, but that child was not having any of it and was wailing like a banshee. Naturally all the other children thought that this was obviously the way to go and all joined in with the yelling, screaming and general tantruming. One was trying to get out, another rocking side to side and screaming fit to burst. We decided that it was too noisy and environment to enjoy an ice-cream so got back on our bikes and headed on to the trail again. We don’t have kids, never wanted them. Can’t think why. Oh, maybe I can.

We continued along the trail, it was gently rising by now and I waited for Kenn every 1/4 mile or so and we were overtaken by a cheery bloke in bright red shorts riding a bike with a tall flag on it, while we were stopped and swigging a bit of water to rinse out the big fly that I’d eaten. We kept seeing signs for The Yarde Orchard and Kenn said that we would head for it and then think about riding on or back. It was uphill to the Cafe so stopping every 1/4 mile was imperative for Kenn to catch up. I saw some cows, I seem to see a lot of cows on trails. I took a pic, it’s becoming a habit. The trail is very pretty to look at while waiting anyway. That’s Kenn in the distance there.

We got to the cafe at around 3pm. Kenn decided to stop for a coffee and I decided to push on. I said to Kenn that if I wasn’t back for 4pm, to grab me a coffee before the place closed and that I’d drink it when I got back to him.

I had a brilliant ride, gently downhill again, and I was spinning along wonderfully when a suicidal lamb jumped out in front of me. I was very glad of my disc brakes, I might have had a bit of an ‘off’ if Eric had had rim brakes. I took a pic of Lamsykins, after he stood and baa’d at me a bit. He was right, I was going to fast.


There he goes, wandering back to his Mum. The fence looked good about there, so not sure where he came out of. The surface of the trail changed to a sort of hard clay, dark grey coloured stuff. It was quite hard work to pedal on in some places. I stopped a couple of times to check my tyres as the surface made them feel odd. Still going downhill though, I thought that the surface would be ‘interesting’ to ride back up on. I meant to only go a couple more miles or so, after the cafe, but at the 13 mile point I came across this wooded bit of the path and thought it looked a bit like a fantasy woodland, Tolkeinesque or something out of a Lewis book.
I expected to see Mr Tumness in the woods, or to be chased by a bear, a cross bear because someone had eaten his porridge and slept in his bed. Actually, I’ve often wondered about the thermodynamics of porridge. The too hot, too cold and just right thing with porridge out of the same pan just doesn’t work for me. I reckon that there was a 4th bear who had snuck in, stuffed the porridge and had eaten Mummy Bear’s porridge, replaced it (hence it being cold), eaten baby bears porridge and replace that, and only just eaten Daddy Bear’s porridge which was why it was too hot. That’s my theory anyway.


Anyway I was not chased by a hungry bear, didn’t see Mr Tumness or anything, just listened to the birds singing as I rode along. I decided not to stop at 15 miles as I figured that would give me a ride of less than 30 miles and that I’d push on to Meeth as I may as well do another 50km for the 50km challenge thing that I’m participating in. Another point is always welcome. The 17 and a bit mile mark had me at Meeth so I turned back and rode for the cafe.

I’d only gone a few hundred yards when I saw cyclist with red shorts and big bike flag. We got chatting and rode to the cafe together. He was riding at my pace and it was good to have someone to pull (not literally) me up the long draggy hill with the funny clay type surface. My legs were protesting and Dave, the man with red shorts, said we could slow down but I said I was happy to keep on as I wasn’t going to get fitter if I don’t get out of my comfort zone. He was a nice chap, living in Devon but had family in Barnsley, where he grew up. Nice chap, bright and funny and a big fan of Tommy Cooper. The 7 miles flew by.

At the cafe, Kenn had got me a takeaway coffee and saved me half of his cake. Dave and Kenn chatted while I stuffed cake and drank my coffee. It was super hot still so I added bidon water so I could get it drunk and carry on before my legs decided to stiffen up, as they will do that, on purpose, to annoy me. We rode back with Dave and parted company at Bideford Station as he was back off home and we were back off to the car. I rode in a couple of circles around the car park to make up a .5 of a mile, as you do.
That hull was still there. It hadn’t sailed off anywhere.


52.3km or 32.54 in real money. Metres climbed, 448 and a nice 2 hours and 40 mins, riding in the sunshine. Perfect day.


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Couple of short evening rides

Tuesday, after a very lazy Monday, recovering from 800 miles of driving and a 50 mile ride, I managed to get 16 miles or so ridden, home to Padstow and back, then rode up to Polgeel Wood on the Camel Trail and back from there, to make up the mileage a bit, as 11.5 miles is a stupid distance to stop at.

Today (Wednesday) I have been procrastinating all day about riding – I’ll just make some earrings, then I’ll just print and make some display cards, laundry, washing up, putting the bins out etc. Around 7, I fed the dogs, kicked myself up the bum – metaphorically speaking – and got the roadie out.

I decided to just ride to Padstow. I wasn’t in the mood to ride but my jeans were feeling tight so thought that I’d make an effort. I took my iPod, Aftershokz and a long sleeved top as it looked a bit cool out. I wasn’t wrong. The low cloud, that hadn’t lifted all day was a bit spooky and it was a tad chilly out there.


As I approached the bridge, I could see the Wadbridge end of it but not the Padstow end at all.


It was an eerie sort of quiet out there too, funny thing about the mist, is it deadens sound so my wheels sounded strange on the surface and I could hear some birds tweeting some distance off but they sounded distant and a bit muffled.

The bridge, as I crossed it, sounded very weird.


Once properly at Padstow, there were a few kids playing on their skateborads and scooters in the car park, but other than that, deserted. On the way back, I looked over at the boats, bobbing about and they were just vanishing into the cloud.


You could barely tell the water from the horizon and they just looked like they were in the middle of nothing. My phone doens’t really do the vision justice.

I passed ours, on the way back and just rode to the end of the road and back to make the mileage up to 12 and a bit, rather than just shy of 12 miles. Nice ride.


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Weekending in the flatlands

We headed back to Norwich on Friday evening, so see friends, family and for me to get a nice ride in. Also to check if I was really homesick or just missing my Greyhound. It seems it was that I was missing the dog, that our new landlords said was too big, hence him going to a fantastic new home. It is a fantastic new home too, he has a Pomeranian for a little brother and is living the life of Riley.

We got to Norwich at about 11.15 in the evening, sat at our friends for an hour before heading off to sleep. Or stay awake most of the night, as it turned out. Friend lives in a 2nd floor flat and it was roasting. I couldn’t open the bedroom window as I couldn’t find the catch/handly, so just had to deal with it. I got just under 2 hours sleep in all, I know this because my fitbit tells me so.

In the morning, I took Toffee for a walk, leaving Kenn and Millie asleep in bed. I got a coffee on the way back from a cafe that was just opening up for the morning. Once back, I asked our host if he would like a hand with some housework chores and than, at around 10am, I changed for a bike ride.

Due to the lack of space in the car, as returning a sackbarrow to our friend, plus taking dogs with us, I took Eric the CX bike, as he’s shorter an easier to fit in a small space. It gave me more options to ride anyway. I decided to ride up to Whitwell and see how I felt there. 14 miles to Whitwell and my legs felt empty by Costessey but I kept on and figured that they’d be fine. I’d had breakfast, a bap thing from Greggs that Kenn had been and bought in the morning. Actually, by Attlebridge, I was fine and enjoying the ride.

At Whitwell, I popped in to the cafe area and filled my bidon back up. It was very warm out there and, then there was this pop-whoosh sound and I had a flat tyre on the rear. Joyous. I quickly changed the innertube out, fixed the hole with a patch and was back on my way. I often have a cuppa here but not today as I decided to ride the Themelthorpe Loop and then carry on to Aylsham that way. As I started on the Loop, I saw some badger sets and stopped to take a pic. Sets on the right, in case you’d not noticed them. Naturally I forgot a camera and only had a phone on me, but it takes reasonable pics.


I did a nice ride around the loop, fastest ever, but then it was dry and I wasn’t up to my hubs in mud. Boiling hot day and a dry spell in Norwich for the few days preceeding did wonders for the trail.

I saw some horses, enjoying the sun and took a quick snap of them. Marvelling at how far I can see with no hills. I’d forgotten.

Approaching Aylsham, I realised that if I kicked on, I’d break 2 hours for the Marriotts Way, for the first time, even though I was starting from Mark’s house and not Halfords as per. I was spurred on by that and was a good 2 minutes under my target. I went to the Bure Valley Railway cafe and had tea and a flapjack. I topped up my bidon here too. Lady put ice in it and everything. Highly recommended place to stop for a cuppa if you are about.

I only ate half that flapjack, it was massive. I folded a napkin around the rest of it to eat later. Actually I then forgot and took it back and Kenn ate it while I was walking Toffee. Digressing again, but that’s me all over.

Where was I? Bure Valley Railway. I decided to follow the path to Wroxham and have a rethink there. Possibly an ice-cream, depending on queues.
The Bure trail was lovely as normal. I saw trains – notice Eric leaned up against the fence while the train passes.

I watched the Rainbow Trout in the Bure for a while, while chatting to a walker.

My shadow is the one on the right, in case you are interested. View from a bridge, and all that. This bridge was up all last summer and it’s been made all lovely again for this year. I bet this bridge being out annoyed the tourists last year, not to mention the impact on the train ride business. You can see the trout in the river but you might have to zoom in a bit. Like I said, no camera, just my phone.

At Wroxham I overtook a couple of cyclists on their roadies, they looked like new cyclists with brand, spanking new bikes, who were complaining about the hill out of Wroxham. I’d not noticed it. I’ve ridden it so much over the years plus living in Cornwall gives a different perspective on hills. I turned for Salhouse, down and up and down again then turned at, what used to be, The Salhouse Lodge and headed up the short hill, past the farm that used to belong to Ron Fielder and to the pond where I stopped for a swig of water.


I used to ride my ponies past here all the time, when I was a kid. From the pond it’s down a small hill to the main road where I decided to turn right and start heading back towards Norwich. I did pop into Salhouse Nursuries and begged a top up of my water bottle, the lady there was happy to oblige even though I wasn’t stopping for a cuppa or anything. It does look a good place for a stop and some tea and cake though. Another time maybe.

From there it was a case of heading to Little Plumstead, getting on the cycle tracks and through to Thorpe End. It was here I realised that heading back was going to give me a 48 mile ride. I don’t think so!! I headed through Thorpe St Andrew, past the house I grew up in, doglegged through Cottage Drive and then right on to Thunder Lane (eventually, I turned right,  it always was a busy road but now it’s bonkers). Along Plumstead Road East and then doglegging through the Heartsease Estate to the cyclepath through Mousehold ot Zacs Burger place then Gurney Road cyclepath to Sprowston Road.

Still going to be a good mile or so light, so I headed to the right and followed the roads to Mile Cross, up the slight rise there, over the Aylsham Road and then on to the city dump (yes really) but there is a left hander there to put me back on the Marriotts about a mile and a half from our friend’s flat. A quick spin along there had me back at the flat with a 50.2 miles on the Garmin.


I drank a lot of water once back. Then wandered into the City for some new cycling mitts as my old ones were just knackered and my hands hurt. I gave Toffee a good old walk too. 37,000 steps and revolutions counted on my fitbit, so pleased with that.

I was going to ride yesterday but by the time I’d walked, seen friends and sorted out, it was time to head home, so I didn’t ride. Still got my 10,000 steps in though.

Took a nice pic or two (with phone again) of Stonehenge on the way home.  It’s on the left in the second picture. We missed the M4 junciton so got on the M3 and the A303 instead. Took about the same amount of time.

Glad to be home again.


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Summer has arrived so taking the opportunity to ride before Winter sets in

It started off a gorgeous day and got more gorgous as the morning went on. We have chores to do but walking the dogs and then going for a ride took precidence.

We decided to ride up to the Snails Pace Cafe. We love it there, it’s totally off grid and powered by solar panels and has a composting loo. Brilliant place, if you are in the area, I heartily recommend a visit. Today we couldn’t decide between Pistachio cake and Carrot cake so we had both. Just one slice of each and then cut each slice in half.

We’d already nibbled when I remembered to take the pic. Sorry about that. The coffee there, is always great and comes in the caffetiere thing with a big mug.

Anyway, running ahead of myself as per.
The sun was shining, there was only a slight breeze and we were really keen to get out for a ride. Had a bit of home ‘admin’ to sort first. Voting, popping to LBS for new innertube, glue-less patches and a couple of Co2 canisters. We also blagged an old chain from his bin as we have a bit of a project requiring old bike chains. Watch this space over the next few blogs and all will be revealed. Finally, sorted for the bikes and got out and riding. 1st ride in shorts too, proper shorts, not the 3/4 ones.

Once we were past the turning for Wenfordbridge, there is a gorgeous bit of trail where you can see the river in the valley. Today we stopped and went down and took some pics. Kenn has been down but I was in my MTB boots which are not conducive for walking down banks in, without breaking your neck. We took the bikes with us and had a nice chat with a couple down there playing with their dogs, and took a couple of pictures while we were at it.

The Spaniel was having a fantastic time, swimming about. The Yorkie cross was barking it’s head off and having a blast. Over to the right was a nice quiet Lab chasing his ball about, and not making a sound. Lovely dogs all.

After 5 mins or so, we plodded back up to the track and rode to the Cafe – see above. I did ask them if they had any seasonal work. They took name and contact details and asked what catering experience I have. I don’t have much but I’ve worked in a Bingo Hall Cafe, Norwich Union kitchens and have pub experience as well as a burger/hot dog place. None of it recent, which I was absolutely honest about. On the plus side, I can change a puncture, fettle gears and know about bikes generally. I’d really love to work there.

On the way back, we stopped to watch the cows, in a field. On the way there, they were tucked up the top end of the field but, on the way back, they were closer. Munching and mooing away, we noticed a spotty cow so took a pic of her.


Heading back and close to home, I could see that I’d ridden 23.6 miles. As usual, I think that’s a daft place to stop (is my OCD showing?) so rode over the river – Actually I got off and walked as riding over the footbridge is frowned upon – and rode along to Egloshayle and then road back into Wadebridge from that side of the river. I still needed a quick ride past ours and back to make up the 25 miles, so I’ll go a bit further along the track at Egloshayle next time.

If anyone is interested, I have a Strava thing: https://www.strava.com/activities/566330238
I’m up on my monthly target by 20 miles or so but down on my annual target by 380 or so. Still, summer is here and long may it last. Riding in Norfolk this weekend. I’ll get a few miles in, on the flat. Can’t wait:) and really looking forward to seeing my friends.

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Bank Holiday lazy pootling about

I really wanted to ride today but then, I really couldn’t be bothered. A bout of depression has just not been funny. Riding generally helps but I seem to have the weight of the world on my shoulders at the moment. This new job malarkey, missing Norfolk a lot more than I thought I would and still feeling awful after having to give Billy-dog up. It’s been over 8 weeks now and I’m still getting weepy every time I think about it. Billy immediately went to a super new home, but that’s not the point. I miss him a lot.

This week I got a couple of 10 milers in and a 2 miler – yes really, it was windy!

Tuesday it was blowing a hooley so we rode a mile, thought ‘bugger this for a game of onions’ and turned back for a cuppa. Saturday we got a quick 10 miles up the trail towards Bodmin, and back. Sunday a quick 10 miles towards Padstow and back and today, Kenn was dialysing and I was at home, feeling sorry for myself.

I got the CX off the wall and decided to ride up towards Camelford. Nice sort of day, the BBC were right, it howled it down with rain all morning and lunch time but got nice about 3pm so I changed and got myself out of the door.

I had a nice ride and once on the trail, drafted an electric bike who had overtaken me, for a couple of miles, until his battery went flat and he had to do some pedalling.  I looked at the cows, as I passed them. Stopped and watched a buzzard for a while and then headed on again. At about 7.5 miles in to the ride, I got a visit from the puncture fairy so I hopped off and headed to a nearby seat and got the wheel off, noticed how filthy Eric had got,  and started fixing. It was a pretty area at least.

I was just swearing about my tyres – tricky to seat as they are the folding type and have a mind of their own most of the time – when a chap on a very nice Norco CX came along and helped me. I didn’t ask him, in fact I told him that I was fine, but he helped anyway. Once tyre had been inflated with my Co2 canister thing he dashed off (he seemed in a big hurry yet determined to help). That tyre went straight down again as his speed might have attributed to the pinch puncture.
I patched the original innertube, then changed the tube out again (alone and quite competently without rushing), then inflated with my pump – that counts as a workout, right? – patched the pinch punture. While I was packing away, a lady rode up and asked if I was OK and we got chatting. I decided to head back to Wadebridge and ride along with her for a while. She protested that she was very slow, but it was nice to have the company for a couple of miles. She headed towards Bodmin at the junction and I came home.

Only 15.25 miles today but better than nothing. It was a nice ride. I need some more patches and a couple of new innertubes. I’ll grab some in the bike shop in Truro tomorrow. I’ll get a price on some new Co2 canisters too. I’m planning on a trip home to Norwich at the weekend, I’ll take the roadie as he’s been sadly ignored since being here, and get a 40+ ride in.


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Who thought it was a good idea to ride to Newquay then?

Firstly this morning, I changed my tyres on Eric, the CX. It’s near enough summer so he can have his knobblies off and some Vittoria Pave tyres on, until Autumn. He looks fab IMO. I’m very fond of Eric.

With the route we had chosen, we felt that there would be a lot of hills and probably a fair bit of walking so recessed SPDs would be the way to go. We were not wrong.

The first bit, Camel Trail to Padstow, was nice and easy then we followed the cycleroute signs to the top of the hill. What a faff, it would have been easier to have gone the way with did last time. Up lots off faffy hills instead of one decent one. Heigh ho. We bobbed in at Tesco, at the top of the hill, to grab some cash for tea and cake, should some present itself en route.
We just followed the road along watching for signs for Newquay. We should have stayed off the coast road. Kenn had braking problems, which he discovered half way down a 16% hill. We stopped at the bottom and sorted them out. Some sort of fishing lake, with seats, so not too terrible.

Naturally, being at the bottom of a hill, it was mostly impossible to get back up the other side so we got off and walked. A bunch of roadies shot past, seemingly unfussed with the gradient. You can go off people. The picture of the hill does not do it justice. It was steep and long. My knee had a bit of a whinge about it. Sometimes I am reminded that I’m not getting any younger.

The hill down to Mawganporth was steep, the way up worse and lots of getting off and walking occured there. A couple more horrible hills and we were rewarded with a nice beach view, near the back of Newquay Airport.

We chatted with a couple of holidaymakers there. They suggested Electric bikes. I suggested that I was 52 and not dead. It was a lovely veiw though. We stayed put there a while, the beach was nice to look at.
The last bit into Newquay itself was not too shoddy. We had hoped for a pasty or something but the Par train was in the station and we had 2 minutes to check that bikes were allowed on and to ask if we could get a ticket on the train. We could and sat on the train all the way to Roche. That 25 minutes of sitting down was lovely.

Roche Station is nice, little and we took a couple of shots while the GPS loaded up a route to Nanstallon. It said 4 miles. Kenn’s GPS lies.

The road to Nanstallon was nice, not too busy with a couple of climbs but they were just 1% long drags. A bit like Norfolk or Suffolk in that respect. We stopped a couple of times and looked at streams, waited for sheep to cross etc.

There were some nice views as we made our way downwards (mostly) to where we knew we could join the Camel Trail and ride the last 4.5 miles home on the flat. We were very happy to see the Camel. We stopped once on the trail as there was cattle in the field. Not seen them there before. They seemed quite curious about us too. One did, the others wandered off soon enough.


2 Stravas as I can’t find a pause on my Garmin, so I turned it off and on again. Something flatter tomorrow I reckon. Up to the Snails Pace and back, cake in the middle maybe?

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