First post and new start

A bit about us then.

We are a rather normal married couple who have just taken a good, hard look at ourselves and decided that, although round is a shape, its not quite the ‘in shape’ that we would like.

We are on our feet all day grooming dogs, so not a sedentary job by any stretch of the imagination. We lift, bend stretch and twist. Minding our backs is a full time occupation. We also eat on the fly. This is not a good thing.

The other week, Raffie got on the scales and found herself to be a lot more than she thought she was and joined Slimming World that evening. She knows that you need to eat less than you burn to lose weight. Simple in theory. Slimming world said that she was 12 stones and 13.5 lbs. She was shocked to the core. Even worse than the bathroom scales! However, as she reasoned afterwards, she was dressed and at the evening end of the day having drunk water, tea and fizzy water, and eaten brekky and lunch. The following week, after following Slimming Worlds diet for a week without transgression, she’d put on half a pound and was a round 13 stone. There was no living with her for 24 hours or so. I, when last weighed at the hospital, was in the region of 109 kg. Not sure what that is in English, not sure I want to either.

Raffie has continued with the Slimming World (SW) diet and she said that when she got on the scales this morning (weigh day tomorrow officially) that she has shifted nearly 4lbs so is well pleased. I have still been nowhere near the bathroom scales, despite being nagged a bit.

Raffie used to be a triathlete until an unfortunate marriage to someone else and a torn achilles.  While she was off exercise and resting, only going swimming for excerise thrice weekly, the ex husband sold her bike. She didn’t find out for some little while as it was stored away securely in the garage outside, locked in a lockable bike container, bolted to the wall. That bike cost her about a grand way back in the mid 90’s so she was not best chuffed. Hence the ex being an ex. Raffie climbs, swims, runs, cycles, is a keen archer, rides horses and is generally a fit person.

I have never been a triathlete. I can climb quite well, I have been known to cycle a bit, swim a bit and wave a few weights around at the gym, but never what you might call fit fit. I used to do battle re-enactment though. That keeps you fit; running around a field wearing chain maille and having a sword or axe in one hand and a wooden shield in the other. Becoming ill and needing (then getting) a kidney transplant put paid to re-enactment, even though I am not on dialysis any longer now I have my new kidney, I can’t summon the energy for trekking around the country pretending to be a saxon or viking on the weekends any more. I have moved on.

A couple of years ago, we got new bikes for renewing our gym membership. They are Halfords Apollo something or other hybrid bikes. We weighed them the other day, 39lbs each. My goodness, no wonder we don’t travel to far or fast on them. Raffie loves to cycle and I am becoming more and more keen on it with every ride. I reckon that I can get down to a sensible weight and keep it off using the SW eating plan, Raffie is cooking it anyway so I get to eat it, and by cycling. We reckon that walking the dogs twice daily doesn’t really count for exercise as we do it anyway, its not in addition to our normal day.

We are saving hard for road bikes, not hybrids as we don’t use tracks and whatnot much, its all road, road, road as the pitted, potted tracks hurt Raffie’s wrists and she needs them strong and not hurting to perform the daily miracles that she does on her clients dogs.

Raffie has a BMI (not that it means much but its a guide I suppose) of 27.1. I reckon mine is around 33, I’ll work it out when I dare too. Raffie says that she wants a BMI of 24.9 by the end of the summer. I’ll be happy if its in the next 12 months.

So here we go. Bike counters reset to zero, pedometers reset to zero and lets make this happen.



About RosieRosie

RosieRosie is a woman of a 'certain age' - whatever the hell that is supposed to mean, known. I feel about 26. I have no idea what I look like as some older woman keeps getting in the way when I look in the mirror. Separated from husband but dating a nice chap at the moment. I have a proper wanderlust and have finally moved - using the housing exchange system from - where I started in Inverness, down to Cornwall and back up to the Flatlands and Big Sky Country. It's taken since September 2011, when I left Inverness until May 2017 to get to somewhere that I really like. That's not too shoddy with a swap here and a swap there, saving up again for each move. Not ruling out going home to Norfolk if necessary. Time will tell. For now my mates are just a 90 minute or so, drive down the road. I love my bikes, I love my dog and I love guitars. They all keep my busy.
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