Sunday 28th August

What a week we have had. What with work and a couple of outside problems, we have not been able to get on our bikes. Today was the first day since Tuesday that we have been able to get on them.

Raffie has been worried sick about the business and we have been trying to sort out stuff in the house, de cluttering if you like.

I found a fantastic bargain of a bike, the other day. We were looking for long term storage for some stuff in town when we noticed a sign saying new start bikes. We had heard of them but didn’t know where they were so I suggested popping in to see if they had a road bike in my size. We explained that we would be unable to make the next two autions and they showed me some bikes. In the end, I settled on a Sun Solo road bike. A 1978 steel road bike, when weighed, its only 6.8lbs heavier than Raff’s funky Giant. It was £60, which seemed like a bargain to me, so I handed over the money with a smile and went off to find Raffie, who had wandered off somewhere, as she does sometimes. It howled it down with rain, the wind was high and all in all, it was a miserable evening so we didn’t go cycling.

Today, we cycled to the Church and back. That is the red house route and keep going. I was having a brilliant time. Its my first proper ride on the Sun and I was feeling good. Raffie was right behind me on her Giant. It was cold out but we had a good time. We turned just after the church. Raffie said that she was feeling tired and had it been down to her, we’d have turned at the pub. That’s only about 1200 yards from our house so she must have been feeling rough.

Going back was better, it always is as the road back is ever so slightly down hill. I was feeling brilliant and zoomed up Dolly Hill and waited for Raff. First time ever, I have beaten her up the hill and it only took 4 nights of her not sleeping and me to have a new bike to do it. I love my new bike. Photo to follow at some point.


Goal: 1000.
Miles today: 10.13
Miles to date: 215.8
Miles to go: 784.2
Max speed: 24.61
Ave speed: 12.16
Feelings: Great ride, Raff very tired though.


About RosieRosie

RosieRosie is a woman of a 'certain age' - whatever the hell that is supposed to mean, known. I feel about 26. I have no idea what I look like as some older woman keeps getting in the way when I look in the mirror. Separated from husband but dating a nice chap at the moment. I have a proper wanderlust and have finally moved - using the housing exchange system from - where I started in Inverness, down to Cornwall and back up to the Flatlands and Big Sky Country. It's taken since September 2011, when I left Inverness until May 2017 to get to somewhere that I really like. That's not too shoddy with a swap here and a swap there, saving up again for each move. Not ruling out going home to Norfolk if necessary. Time will tell. For now my mates are just a 90 minute or so, drive down the road. I love my bikes, I love my dog and I love guitars. They all keep my busy.
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