First ride since the 19th August!!!

What can I say? Depression has bitten me in the backside and it’s all I can do to drag my sorry arse out of my pit of a morning. If I could teach the dogs to walk themselves, pick up poo and be relied upon not to start a fight (Poco, I’m talking about YOU), I would. Kenn has been walking in the mornings and I have been doing lunchtime and evening walks. Today and yesterday they got great walks. I was even going to ride yesterday but we had 2 possible exchange flats to view, a website to rewrite and just a load of stuff to do.

Today I was planning on meeting Kenn from dialysis at noon. At 11am I went for my bike and as I reached up to take it off the rack, I was wracked with shoulder pain. An old injury – a broken shoulder blade back in 2002 – decided that today it was going to have a flare up. The pain knocked the wind out of me and I had to have a sit down. I went back upstairs, took painkillers, did the ice gel pack thing and did some works admin instead.

I then decided, at tea time, that Plan B was going to be put into practice. Kenn got my PX down off the rack and I changed again into cycling stuff and got out on my bike. Yup, I could feel that shoulder but once on the hoods it was fine and the searing, stabbing, lightning strike pain seemed to be in abeyance. Painkillers rock. I decided on a short ride tonight.

I rode a little 5 mile route that we use from time to time. I decided to extend it by riding down Silfield Road and then back all the way up Park Lane before then following the 5 mile route. It adds an extra half a mile, that’s all, but it made me feel better. I had a nice ride. Nothing of note happened except for a very close pass by some older chap in a Saab who really wanted to overtake me when there was oncoming traffic. The HUGE 4×4 that was the oncoming traffic was taking no prisoners and just leaned on his horn. The Saab backed off. We have a Saab and I wouldn’t have wanted ours written off by a Series 2 Landy either. He then roared past me leaning on his horn. Poor bloke must have the smallest willy on the planet to be driving like that. Overcompensating or what?

I did contemplate doing another loop, once I was on the way back, but figured that tonight I would come home wanting to ride further, rather than being totally fed up. Also it was getting a bit dusk and I’d forgotten my front lights.

5.61 miles in 23 minutes and change.

1174.81 mi at 13.77 mi/h so far this year. Well on target – above the drag curve for my 1500 miles planned for this year.



About RosieRosie

RosieRosie is a woman of a 'certain age' - whatever the hell that is supposed to mean, known. I feel about 26. I have no idea what I look like as some older woman keeps getting in the way when I look in the mirror. Separated from husband but dating a nice chap at the moment. I have a proper wanderlust and have finally moved - using the housing exchange system from - where I started in Inverness, down to Cornwall and back up to the Flatlands and Big Sky Country. It's taken since September 2011, when I left Inverness until May 2017 to get to somewhere that I really like. That's not too shoddy with a swap here and a swap there, saving up again for each move. Not ruling out going home to Norfolk if necessary. Time will tell. For now my mates are just a 90 minute or so, drive down the road. I love my bikes, I love my dog and I love guitars. They all keep my busy.
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