Has it really been that long since I last blogged?

Nearly 2 months in fact.

I have been riding but the real world has been getting in the way a bit. That along with moving house in a home exchange. Our clean and tidy, well decorated wee flat for a larger (huge garden) ground floor flat that had been painted cow-pat green throughout, that had had a fairly major cat infestation and stank to high heaven. Yup, biking went by the by while we were sorting out the carnage. Oh, starting a new job yesterday too. Actually that might be helpful as I can commute in by bike. That’ll be a nice 7 miles. I can commute in to guitar lesson too but not tonight as I have to take additional stuff and bring back a couple of tropical fish. Long story, don’t ask.

I’ve only had a few rides since blogging. Mostly meeting Kenn from Dialysis as packing and getting sorted for the move (2 weeks ago) has taken precedence. A new puppy has moved in too, taking up time that I could have spent riding but snuggling a new puppy seemed more fun than actually making an effort with my health and well being. Yup, I was being lazy.

I’ve only got 4 rides in since the move. 2 on my Planet X. The first one from new home to the hospital, the quick way. Not the really quick way as that’s only 2.4 miles and hardly worth changing for.
I rode through West Earlham to the 5 ways, along Bluebell and right to Eaton and to the Roundwell roundabout to the hospital layby. I had to ride up and down the road to the hospital staff car park to make the garmin tip over 5 miles. Dull as ditchwater ride. Will try not to do that one again in a hurry.

There was a quick ride into the City on the MTBs. Boy oh boy is that Spesh Hardrock hard work. So heavy compared to the PX, really disgustingly heavy. Then again, there is a gazillion gears on the triple set so getting up Marlpit Lane was less than a trial than it is on the roadie so it wasn’t all hideous. Kenn was underwhelmed by his first ride for an absolute age.

Another quick ride, Monday just gone, back on the PX, was similar to the first ride from here to the hospital until I got to the end of Bluebell Lane. I went straight on instead of right and found a brilliant little cyclepath that took me up to the Holiday Inn on the Ipswich Road (A140). There is a short sharp hill there which was slippy with leaves. I did have a slight ‘off’ there, naturally in front of a couple of dog walkers as is always the way. I did ask them where the path came out while I was sorting myself out again. They told me it came out on the Ipswich Road and I said that I could ride to Keswick and then to the hospital and they looked at me as if I had escaped from a secure unit. From there I did turn right along the A140 and then right again and headed on the road to Keswick, then right again past the junction for Keswick Hall on the left and Keswick Mill on the right. Eventually that brings me up to the Intwood Road junction. I carried on straight and came to the A11 slip junction at the other side of Eaton and then on to Roundwell roundabout and the usual route into the hospital. The men in white coats carrying large butterfly nets didn’t catch me, so that was OK.

I rode the same route again today. 8.5 miles ish (adding on the up to the staff car-park and back to tip the Garmin over the 8 again), but I took the Giant Defy as I don’t want to drop the PX again. It was really really odd. I must flip that stem and move the bars a bit as it felt just horrendous. I felt like I was on a sit up and beg bike and not a smart sportive bike at all. What a horrible riding position I had got myself into riding it over the last couple of years. No wonder I had backache. Much slower too. My Aksium wheels are not nearly as fast as the wheels on the PX. It will be slower still soon when I switch the tyres out from my lovely Bontragers to something a bit more grippy for the winter.

My target of 1500 miles this year is well in hand. I do need to pull my finger out though. At one point I was 200 miles up on the drag curve, now I’m only about 90 and I’m going to be running out of decent riding weather any time now. Oh look, it’s raining. Gloom.


1336.56 mi at 13.46 mi/h


About RosieRosie

RosieRosie is a woman of a 'certain age' - whatever the hell that is supposed to mean, known. I feel about 26. I have no idea what I look like as some older woman keeps getting in the way when I look in the mirror. Separated from husband but dating a nice chap at the moment. I have a proper wanderlust and have finally moved - using the housing exchange system from - where I started in Inverness, down to Cornwall and back up to the Flatlands and Big Sky Country. It's taken since September 2011, when I left Inverness until May 2017 to get to somewhere that I really like. That's not too shoddy with a swap here and a swap there, saving up again for each move. Not ruling out going home to Norfolk if necessary. Time will tell. For now my mates are just a 90 minute or so, drive down the road. I love my bikes, I love my dog and I love guitars. They all keep my busy.
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One Response to Has it really been that long since I last blogged?

  1. Chyrel says:

    Nice read. I’ve been complaining about my back and I only realized it’s because of my seat post and saddle. Took me two weeks to realize it.

    Ride on! 🙂

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