Great Yarmouth to home. 1st ride from the coast this year

We were going to go yesterday but the 20mph + winds put us off a bit. We watched someone being blown down the road on a scooter and picking himself out of somebody’s hedge and decided to snuggle on the sofa, with the dogs, and watch Thor and Thor 2 instead. Mmmm Tom Hiddleston is such a good baddie.

Today, we got on our roadies and rode the 3.75 miles from home to Norwich Rail Station and got on the 11:36 to Great Yarmouth having coughed up £14.20 for two tickets. We did have the bike compartment to ourselves, when we got there so that was nice. Half an hour later, after sipping coffee and watching the scenary (mostly cows) go by, we arrived at Great Yarmouth Station and got on the bikes and followed the bike path out to the roundabout and headed for Caister. The fastest route out of Gt Yarmouth.

I’m a local and, after 50 years of wondering, I still don’t know what’s so great about the town. Not particularly great if you ask me. Dead all winter, bloody cold too. Full of sunburned grockles all summer, mostly rude. Nope. G.Y. is not a nice place. I know that millions love it, but then, they don’t live there.

Gt-Yarm-Home Route 1Not quite a straight line home but near enough. Riding over the marshes was not on our agenda anyway. The A149 is horrible, then it always is. Could have been worse. Could have been mid week or a bank holiday with caravans left right and centre. Once off the main road, we headed to Filby, nice wee village with rowing boats for hire on the Broad there.

DSCF7539I think that my PX looks rather lovely agains that sign. I know that the bar tape doesn’t match the saddle. It did but now it doesn’t. I’ve put the Selle Italia Flow back on. Really comfy now. Also, the Looks are white, but they came off Kenn’s Boardman, which is white.

We headed for Acle then South Walsham and then Ranworth where we stopped at the pub and had a coffee for me, Coke and Crisps for Kenn then went back the way we’d come to South Walsham. We turned for Panxworth and then turned off our usual route and headed for Pedham. Much prettier route. The roads were not so badly potholed as the old route. Really the other route has potholes that would swallow a Smart car with ease. The Pedham/Hemblington Route was nicer, prettier and still a bit hilly for Norfolk but who cares. Wisteria everywhere and I forgot to take a pic.

Once at the Plumstead cyclepath it was business as usual, except for stopping for the other half of a protein bar as I suddenly felt a bit wibbly. We stopped at the village hall and sat under a tree for  5 minutes before carrying on. We stopped again, at the Heartsease to belt into Tesco for some Alpro. Our Aldi doesn’t have Almond milk and I didn’t want to go out of my way, particularly.

The last 4 miles flew by. I managed to get up Marlpit Lane hill in reasonably good style. Kenn wasn’t far behind either.

34.25 all in all in 2:41:03 so averaged around 12.5mph or so. I thought that Kenn did really well. He’ll have tomorrow off for dialysis now. I’ll take a gentle leg turner down to meet him, maybe. Unless it rains. Hoping for a good ride on Tuesday now.



About RosieRosie

RosieRosie is a woman of a 'certain age' - whatever the hell that is supposed to mean, known. I feel about 26. I have no idea what I look like as some older woman keeps getting in the way when I look in the mirror. Separated from husband but dating a nice chap at the moment. I have a proper wanderlust and have finally moved - using the housing exchange system from - where I started in Inverness, down to Cornwall and back up to the Flatlands and Big Sky Country. It's taken since September 2011, when I left Inverness until May 2017 to get to somewhere that I really like. That's not too shoddy with a swap here and a swap there, saving up again for each move. Not ruling out going home to Norfolk if necessary. Time will tell. For now my mates are just a 90 minute or so, drive down the road. I love my bikes, I love my dog and I love guitars. They all keep my busy.
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