Week 5 of my winter challenge was a bit pants

I got my rides in and ended up just 17 seconds off half an hour over my target. The weather was deeply rubbish all week and I’ve been feeling like I’ve been coming in for a cold too. I’m not making excuses for not riding, just making excuses for not going out in the torrential rain and high winds.

I got out on Monday, only 13 miles up to Bodmin and back and got soaked on the way home. I did get out in dry weather and it didn’t start raining until I had turned for home, so that was something. An hour and 4 minutes through the mud. Eric was in a frightful state.

Tuesday was wet and windy. Just horrible weather. Then, about half past 6 in the evening, the rain just stopped so we both grabbed our bikes and rode up the trail. We got to about 3 1/2 miles and the rain just lashed down. We could barely see where we were going so we turned around and headed for home. The cyclepath, in the gutter through Wadebridge, was flooded, slippery and just horrible so we did the unthinkable (if you are a car driver) and rode in the road instead of risking life and limb by riding on the 14″ or so of designated cyclepath. Naturally there was some twonk leaning on his horn, following us for about 50 yards. He close passed us and then immediately turned left into the co-op. He must have been gagging for a pint of milk to be leaning on his horn like that. BMW driver, naturally.

That was it for January. My last ride of the month right there. It wasn’t a bad month actually. 230 miles in 20 hours and 11 minutes. So pleased with that. I have set a new goal for February of 14 hours of riding. Still with my 30 minute average of riding a day. The monthly target just sits in the back of my mind, I’m mostly about my weekly challenges at the moment. Short motivational targets are working for me in the cold weather.

I didn’t get another ride in until Friday as the rain didn’t stop, the wind was windy and it was really cold. Friday was another wet and windy day, really nasty and I was having a bad day anyway. Then, about about a quarter to 9 at night, the rain stopped. I changed, grabbed Eric, my phone and headset and just went. I told Kenn that I was heading to Padstow and not to leave his phone out of his sight, in case I needed him. I just rode up to the 2nd car park and turned for home. I was just under the hour so rode up Polmorla Road a bit. I’d just turned in to the road and the rain came down again, but I carried on a bit until a massive gust of wind actually caused me to stop riding. The gust just hit me, head on, and it was like riding into a big, invisible cushion. I thought that enough was enough and turned for home. I could barely see my hand in front of my face as it was raining so hard. It got Eric really clean. Silver linings and all that.

Saturday was rubbish weather too. We got a 90 minute window of decent weather so took the chance. Kenn just wanted to ride to Padstow (I am bored to tears with the trail but Kenn doesn’t want to climb and, if it will get him out on his bike and turning his legs, I’ll ride up and down the trail with him). I got him to turn up Polmorla Road towards the end of the ride as I wanted to show him something but would’t tell him what. There is a gentle climb up a few feet and, at the top (before it starts to climb properly) there is a forest school house with a turfed roof. I thought that he’d like to see it. I forgot my camera but I’ll take a pic next time. We rode home and got in about 10 minutes before the rain howled down again.

Weather was horrible on Sunday so we didn’t ride. Our central heating was playing up – it was fixed today – and we didn’t want to go out and get freezing. We also had no hot water.

Week 6 is a new week. I have work Wednesday to Sunday so riding might be hit and miss but I’ll give it my best shot. I’ve got 3 hours and 30 minutes on the goal page. I’ve seen the forecast and it’s what Kenn calls ‘Fairytale Weather’, or Grimm.

I can feel fitness returning though. Getting my 50km this week is a non-starter. I won’t have the time. Probably not next week either, it’s half term and I’m busy, busy, busy. Real life getting in the way of cycling is a real bugbear of mine.

See you next week



About RosieRosie

RosieRosie is a woman of a 'certain age' - whatever the hell that is supposed to mean. I feel about 26. I have no idea what I look like as some older woman keeps getting in the way when I look in the mirror. I have a job, a flat, a dog and a couple of bikes. I live in the flatlands. I am in a reasonable state of fitness. I am not ruling out a house move, in the near future. I might head home some day. I am not sure that 'here' suits me.
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