About us

We currently live in Cornwall, but will be moving back to the flatlands in about 2 months time, fingers crossed and God willing. Our last move back to the flatlands crashed and burned just before Christmas so we have everything crossed for this one.

Raffie is an ex athlete, gone to seed, she says, & I am Kenn and have never had the fitness that Raffie used to enjoy.

It really is about time that I updated the whole ‘about us’ page as its well out of date.

Our friends did once tell us that we are too fat to ride a bike. We disagreed and got on with it and how far have we now come? After reading a blog or two on here, on blogspot and on live journal, I reckon that we are thinner and fitter than a lot of people who decided, for one reason or another, to change their lives, get on a bike and get riding. Those friends, BTW, are now ex friends.

Raffie says that she is still a little overweight having stuffedher achilles in 2000 but she’s shifted a three stone and has toned up a whole lot. Women are never happy with their weight IMO. I have been overweight for most of my adult life. As a patient on the kidney transplant list, I need to keep an eye on my weight as I don’t want my weight to compromise getting a new kidney. They won’t transplant if you are overweight, which is no bad thing really as the hospital wants to give the kidney and patient the best chance of success. Currently borderline overweight, so definitely on the right track.


Current Goals

2500 miles in 2017
Move house again, to somewhere flatter than the hills of Cornwall
2000 miles in 2015
Done, 2650
To ride the Norwich 50 in 2015 Done.

1500 miles in 2014   1563 in 2014
Carbon Bike for Raffie Beautiful Planet X Pro Carbon 10/5/14
Carbon Bike for Ken – Boardman Team Carbon 23/7/13
Metric Century

To cycle 1000 miles – Completed Wednesday 30th November.
To cycle 50 miles a week  Broke the 50 miles Thursday 18th August
To cycle 50 miles a week, at least, for a month
To both get lovely road bikes  We did this by the end of August
To get a better road bike for Kenn during 2012 New Road Bike Sourced August 2012

To ride an event this year  8th September 2012, Tour of Britain Challenge ride, Gt Yarmouth – Royal Norfolk Showground

One Response to About us

  1. echo says:

    Congrats on achieving so many of your goals! And GEEZ, not very supportive friends, eh? Glad you didn’t listen to them! Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog!

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